Patheic Fallacy Patheic Fallacy is a dramatic language device used in many plays, books and movies. It is when the weather or the environment tells us if something good or bad is about to happen in our storyline. An example of Pathetic Fallacy in Shakespeare’s Macbeth in Act 2 Scene 1, on the night Macbeth […]

Everything in Italics is non-standard elements in English. Kain: If I was there that wouldn’t happened. Lueol: Na na na na. Kain: I would’ve stopped that. Lueol (over Kain): I would’ve turned you as well. I can’t… I can turn Kieran but I can’t turn you? Kain (over Lueol): I could’ve played centre back yeah, […]

*Music Playing* *Phone Rings* Person 1: Yeah? Person 2: Ow fanks for answerin geezar know what I mean. Person 3: Give me that! Where you been fool? Making us rinse out our credit leavin you messages nd dat. Person 2: Oi Mr Dorses is well on the war path with you bruv yeah? Person 1: […]

Directed by Terry George, Hotel Rwanda is a movie that depicts the true story of the civil war that occurred in Rwanda. It shows how the ruthless Hutu’s, one of the two groups created by the Belgians to segregate the black citizens based on what they look like, hunt down the innocent Tutsi’s, the other of the […]

The two poems ‘For the Fallen’ and ‘Suicide in the Trenches’ both commemorate the dead. Throughout each poems they talk about the dead soldiers, however they do it very different ways. ‘For the Fallen’ is written by Robert Laurence Binyon. In his poem he speaks very highly of those soldiers that thought for us during […]